With a strong, pillar-bedded laminated stock, and fluted 26" heavy barrel in 1:9" twist, the single-shot 12-BVSS can often deliver 1/2-MOA groups with tuned handloads and can easily shoot under 1 MOA with factory ammo. I could agg five 5-shot groups in the .285 area in a 9-twist. 23.0 grains of Varget is the most accurate in my rifle. So many requests for the bullet as a reloading component for use in the wide array of 6.5mm cartridges has prompted Sierra to offer this bullet. .223 Remington Bullets This is why Sierra issues a completely separate load map for AR15s chambered in .223 Rem and 5.56x45 (see notes above on 5.56x45 throat length concerns). The AR's modular design permits you to easily change barrels by just pulling a couple of pins and swapping uppers. The .223 Rem can benefit from all the case prep tricks, but good accurate .223 Rem varmint ammo has few secrets. With the sizing, swaging and trimming done I could then load 300 rounds an hour. reloading 223. The low-recoil, high-velocity .223 Rem cartridge, in a platform that allows immediate follow-up shots, is hard to beat as an efficient varmint eradicator. For long-range match purposes, long, high-BC bullets are favored for their ability to buck the wind. You can either use a cantilevered front mount such as the LaRue or an extended scope rail, such as the A.R.M.S. I prefer the Dillon primer pocket swager for ease of use. I have found a pretty good 35gr load with the Nosler non-lead. Put the 223 cartridge in the rifle and pull the trigger. For full-length sizing where you need control over neck tension, we recommend the Redding Type 'S' full-length bushing die. Ruger combined their inexpensive .223 rifle with the American bolt-action line to provide this economy rifle. Reason Number Three is Availability of Components. Good choice for groundhogs. Terrible accuracy. The Sierra 52gr BTMK is a popular "short-line" load with Highpower shooters. Average five-shot group size for all ten loads was .909″ (.868 MOA). .223 Rem load data for ARs and bolt guns. In LC brass, shoots in twos at 100; .47" in Savage at 200 yds. .223 Remington Bolt Action (55 GR Sierra Data - Edition V) Warning! I have two sets of dies and am hard pressed to say which makes the best ammo. Both the Lee and Forster give low run-out and make accurate ammo. Reliable, moderate pressure AR15 "short line" load for service rifle comps. This is because the overall geometry doesn't change very dramatically other than the shoulder angle. Primed brass is also available. Shooting the AR on a prarie dog town reminded me of the use of the Sharps rifle on a Buffalo herd...you just kill them all." Loads great in the Dillon. Graymist's favorite 60gr AR15 load. When shooting prairie dogs, I found that I simply wiped out the dogs in the areas that I was hunting in. But that may change as more competitors acquire faster-twist barrels. Whenever you get a new batch of brass, you should measure at least a half-dozen to get the average actual H20 capacity. Possessing a very hard cup, with decreased sensitivity, #41 primers are designed to resist slam fires in rifles lacking firing pin retraction springs. That file from Sierra is always on My Computor. From a reloading standpoint, the important thing to note is the rather substantial variance in case capacity from one brand of brass to another--as much as 2.6 grains! Sierra 90-gr. A great load with a new powder. We like to use a 28-degree chamfering tool from Sinclair Int'l or Hollands for the inside chamfering, and a 45-degree Forster tool for the outside chamfering. In this range you have the composite-core 36gr "Varmint Grenade" from Barnes, and the 40gr V-Max and BlitzKing offerings. This bullet is slightly "hard" at 222 or 223 Remington velocities, but are especially well suited for velocities from 22-250 and 220 Swift cartridges. This very interesting new bullet was originally developed for the Sierra Prairie Enemy 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition. Display as a link instead, × Ask a dozen .223 shooters and you'll probably get a dozen different powder recommendations. You'll need a way to get that front ring out well ahead of the receiver. Cartridge history, specs, ballistics, general info. However, you'll need the right twist rate for your choice of bullet. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. A good practical BOLT GUN load. A vast inventory of accessories is available for it. Though .223 Rem rifles certainly benefit from being fed ultra-premium brass (i.e. Rather than let that old .223 brass languish--Ackleyize it. AR-friendly load. Too hot for AR15. Black Hills' reloads employ quality components and shoot nearly as well as the brand new ammo. Twist Rates Sort by weight if you are loading for competition. It has been around for quite a while. --Lance in Oregon, "When I was shooting so many prairie dogs, I had a custom AR built by Bill Wylde, his work is superb. 21.7. The GS-1 puts the scope far enough forward to allow proper eye relief without using long butt extensions that stretch the length of pull. Groups 0.6" at 200 yds in 27" Savage PacNor, LC Brass. I was just thinking of reloading a few hundered rounds of .223/5.56 tonight so I opened up the Sierra reloading manual and saw that there are 2 different charts for this caliber. Notes: firearm used: Remington 600; barrel length: 24"; twist: 1x14"; case: Federal; trim-to length: 1.750"; primer: Rem 7 1/2; use maximum loads with caution; loads less than minimum charges shown are not recommended Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center (RDC) lists 21 different powder types that can be used in the .223. The .223 Remington is a reloader's dream. There is a vast array of new and re-manufactured factory ammo available, with bullets ranging from 35gr up to 80gr. For a complete discussion of the .223 Rem vs. 5.56x45 question, read this Tech Notice from Winchester, and this GunZone Commentary by Dean Speir. Whether its simple curiosity or a desire to increase performance, exploring different cartridges is part of being a shooter. Primers cases as well. These work very well on varmint sized critters as well, and usually don't exit. The popular .223 Rem and Ackley version for Sport, Defense, and Hunting, The Heavy-Barreled AR-15 Varmint/Target Rifle. and 5.56 NATO cases are not interchangeable. For most of us, when shooting from a bench or prone with a big scope, the standard AR stock is too short--it's hard to get correct eye relief and still keep the butt on your shoulder. I use a Lyman Power trimmer to trim them back to 1.750". rifles—a CZ 527 bolt action and a Sun Devil SD-15 autoloader—to use for this report, and I built a lot of handloads to shoot in both guns. It was simply a joy to shoot. But there are also three very logical (and quantifiable) reasons to go with this chambering. The plate can mount directly to the float tube or it can be attached to an accessory rail. 223 Remington Load Data; 5.56×45 NATO Load Data; 222 Remington Magnum Load Data; 22 PPC-USA Load Data; 225 Winchester Load Data; 22 BR Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data; 220 Swift Load Data; 223 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 6mm PPC-USA Load Data; 6mm Creedmoor Load Data Black Hills sells a full line of .223 ammunition, including long-range match ammo loaded with 75gr HP, and 77 Sierra MK. Have you guys seen the Sierra "Bolt Action" Data for the 223 Remington. Custom 52s in .224 caliber are offered by the benchrest bullet-makers, such as Bart Sauter, Lester Bruno, and Don Gentner. Reliable and accurate, that’s how the Ruger American bolt-action rifle is known to its users. RL15 is good for 2600+. Aside from the primer pocket swaging, full-length sizing is another step I do. On the light end, one can find nearly frangible bullets that almost vaporize when they hit the dirt, yet can withstand whatever velocity (and RPMs) the cartridge can throw at it. All Montana Varminters have AA Claro Walnut stocks. Larry Medler also uses a metal plate attached to the float tube. Clear editor. 3375 fps . For the 69gr and 77gr SMK, Sierra recommends VV N540 and N140 respectively. Suggested retail for the VSSF-II is $1284.00, with street price around $1000.00 in .223 Rem. I got rid of it because it was not fair for my hunting partner. However, my AR15 barrels all have long throats so I simply load all 40-60 grain bullets to fit the magazines in my AR15s. A poll of Highpower competitors (mostly shooting ARs) showed that Rem 7 1/2 primers are the most popular (33.23%), followed by CCIs (25.78%). Close to a "standard" load for AR15 long range matches. Muzzle energy is 1,282 ft. lbs. Compare this with your other cases. It's reasonable to figure you'll gain about 2.5 grains extra capacity. Lapua is more expensive, but you can reload Lapua cases a dozen times or more. If you're loading with a progressive press, you'll find that ball powders such as H335, BLC-2, and TAC meter best. 223 Rem Accuracy Loads Nosler 55 gr Billistic Tip #39526- IMR 4198-Start 19.5 gr to 21.0gr-CCI 400- Groups at starting load under 1" At 21.0gr under 1/2" Shooting @ 100 yds, Savage Axis with 3-9 variable scope & a bad 6 lb trigger. What is the Best Method to Fire-Form the Cases? Current factory loads drive a 55 grain bullet at 3,240 fps at the muzzle. Sierra. This means that velocity will be increased with the same powders charges and that pressures will be down as well. The 70-grainer has good penetrating ability on medium-size game, but it does requires a 1:8" or faster twist to stabilize. This applies to using heavier bullets in .223 Rem. Or perhaps the data, such as Nosler’s online load data, lists both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem, but loads for both cartridges are virtually identical. Graymist simply loads a stout charge of H335 with 40gr V-Maxs: "Fireforming was straight forward. Cooper Arms' Montana Varminter is available in both .223 Remington, and .223 Remington AI, using a single-shot Cooper m21 action with Sako-style extractor. Since most .223 Rem shooters prefer bullets in the 50-73gr range, a good "do-it-all" solution is a 9-twist, unless you're a Highpower competitor. Topics: .223 Remington, .223 Rem, 223, 223AI, 223 Ackley, .243 Ackley Improved, 5.56, 5.56 x45, 5.56mm, 5.56 NATO, .308, .308 Winchester, 308 Win, Reloading, Bullets, Lapua, Norma, Winchester, Remington, Speer, Hornady, TripleShock, X Bullet, Partition, Nosler, Sierra, MatchKing, Blitz, BlitzKing, V-Max, Vmax, hollow point, boattail, boat-tail, BT, HPBT, powder, gunpowder, H414, Varget, H4350, H4831, H4831sc, IMR, IMR 4064, IMR 4350, H-1000, H-414, Vihtavuori, N135, N-135, N140, N-140, N-160, N165, N-165, N170, N-170, N560, N-560, brass, Load Map, Reloading Recipes, WLR, CCI Primer, CCI BR4, Federal Primer, Fed 210, 210m, Savage 12-BVSS, Savage LRPV, Accutrigger, Remington 700, VSSF, VSSF-II, Howa 1500, Varminter Supreme, factory .223. Close to book max. Used last summer to hunt prairie dogs. You can substitute 23.9 Varget. Your ball powder is going to have pressure variances with temperature. Apart from Graymist's .223 AI page, and Reloaders' Nest, there is limited online load info for the .223 Rem AI. You'll find the AI brass is extremely stable and you won't have to trim the cases as often. RETIRED. For Varminters, Black Hills offers the following selection of remanufactured ammo: Lapua also offers excellent new ammo loaded with 55gr FMJ, 55gr SP, or 70gr HPBT match bullets. By the time you have reloaded a bolt rig for the second shot, the dog is long gone." × We've had very good luck with Bergers in the 50-65gr range. This is once-fired brass has been reamed, cleaned, sized and trimmed to 1.75". Where is the best place to start? I resized and loaded in two separate operations as I had swaging and trimming to do between those operations. Some guys have asked us: "Please don't tell people about the 75 A-Max. Many varmint shooters use scopes with up to 30X max magnification. A set-up like this works well for F-Class competition as well as varminting. All you would need it a modified chamber and a new set of dies- that… It’s one of the more affordable ones on the market. General Reloading Advice And many shooters already have an ample supply of .223 Rem commercial brass. Match your rifle's twist rate to the appropriate bullet weight. The new 90-grainers from Sierra and Berger caused a stir when introduced in 2006, but we haven't heard many reports from shooters using them in competition, possibly because one needs a very fast twist barrel (1:6.5" is preferred), and the 80s already shoot so well. The only real advantage with the Forster seating die is I can use the micrometer adjustment when seating different bullets.". You can post now and register later. 5.56 x45 ammo is intended for chambers with longer throats. Dillon Reloading has a swaging tool specifically for this chore, and it is by far the most satisfactory unit we have used. Last but not least, you'll want to some kind of brass-catching system to keep your valuable brass out of the weeds. This is one of the advantage of the Ackleyized case. The rifles are chambered in compact cartridges such as the .17 and .22 Hornets, .204 Ruger, .222 and .223 Remingtons, .300 Blackout and 7.62x39. (Most of the Lapua cases, when formed, measured 1.750"). At one time, the Remington Model 760 pump-action was available in 223. This makes the whole rig much more stable when using a pedestal front rest. Start at 24.2. This military modification of the .222 Rem was originally called the .222 Special but was later renamed the .223 Remington. However, with an AR15, we strongly recommend you full-length size your cases every time. This is very good stuff (with the best .223 Rem brass available) but the 70 grainers are relatively expensive at $26.99 per box of 20 rounds from Grafs.com. Last step is to chamfer the inside and outside of the case neck. Right now these are super cheap, and they shoot like a house on fire." That's less than half the cost of new .223 Federal Gold Medal Match, which runs about $19 for 20 rounds. (However, a 1:9" twist is needed for the steel-core 62gr bullet used in the M855 military loads, because that bullet is as long as most 70-grainers.) If you're looking for do-it-all bullet that can shoot bugholes on paper and also perform in the varmint field, these Bergers will fit the bill. How Much Extra Powder Capacity Will I Get? Chart based on max velocities (by bullet type) in Sierra Bullets' Load Manual for bolt-action .223 Remingtons. Factory 55gr ammo reloaded with H4895 and Nosler BTs. For use in semi-automatics and AR15s, we advise that you stick to CCI and Remington primers. 2.550. Sierra plans to add a .223 AI section to its reloading manual, but that is still months away. --K. Candler. Check out the 69gr Lapua Scenar (.321 BC), 75 A-Max (.435 BC), and Berger 75gr VLD (.447 BC). Originally developed to shoot 55-grain bullets, it can handle bullets ranging in weight from 40 to 90 grains, including the Sierra 65 grain bullet. This will give you a mostly AI-formed case with no bullet. You can get excellent results with many different brands--Lapua, Lake City, Hornady, Winchester, and IMG to name a few. Also, the AR15 has a free-floating firing pin that dents the primer on loading. Current Hornady brass has shown very good uniformity (see chart). We like this simple mesh bag with a zipper at the bottom. A good AR varmint rifle will benefit from an extended scope rail that will allow you to move the whole scope forward. One way to accomplish this is to purchase a new firearm. I really enjoyed that rifle--it was about as accurate as any production rifle I've owned--it wouldn't quite keep up with the Coopers but the second round was a whole lot faster."--Gunamonth. But there are many other good combinations. Both can deliver good accuracy with low ES and SD. Any trimmer will do the job. Or, if you are already at max pressure levels, you will have to reduce the load if your new batch of brass has less capacity. Therefore, some high-end loads that may work in a BAT, Barnard, Borden or Stiller bolt action will be too hot for an AR15. If you have a bolt action 223 Rem rifle check out the below link. I had a heavy Hart 28" barrel installed on a Colt action with a custom set trigger.   Your previous content has been restored. The .223 Remington is a compact case, with relatively limited case capacity. Match Bullets Why the AI? The only change made to the rifle was a trigger job and a Harris bipod. MatchKing: IMR-4064. Our current favorite set-up would be a Redding Type "S" full-length bushing die combined with a Wilson seater. Ackleyizing the case adds roughly 7-8% to the capacity. offers fully processed military brass (mostly Lake City), for $88.99 per thousand. Just don't expect it to hold up to a dozen or more reloadings like Lapua.". Then it's time for primer, powder, and bullet. For dies, Forster, Hornady, and Redding sizers and seaters are all good. Dennis DeMille won the 2003 National Service Rifle Championship shooting 77gr Black Hills ammo. Runout has been under .002" with the Lee dies. Wylde chambers are quite common in Rock River guns. Gentlemen, be sure to keep in mind that they are using a 1-14 twist. If you reload the same brand of brass all the time, another solution is to use a Forster full-length die with the neck honed to give your desired neck tension. [Editor's NOTE: If you use new IMG (Guatemalan) milsurp brass, $89/1000 from Wideners, no crimp removal is required.] In recent years, the 223 Remington has gained acceptance as a target round, being used mostly in the “service rifle” category of the National Match Course. It would put 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips into a 1/2" circle faster than I could point and shoot. To learn more about advanced case prep techniques, read Preparing Cases for Long-Range Accuracy by Jacob Gottfredson. We'd only select a 1:7" or faster twist barrel if we had a need to shoot the 90gr VLDs. Develop your load. With bolt-action rifles, if you shoot a moderate load, just neck-sizing the brass is a viable alternative for a few loading cycles, though eventually you'll have to run the cases through a body die or full-length sizing die. Long-favored by serious varminters, the Savage 12-BVSS is ready-to-run right out of the box. Wilson also makes inline seater dies and neck-sizing dies for use with arbor presses. For varminting we like a 12-twist. Loads great in a Dillon. Here's a picture of Larry Medler's AR. Overall, what twist rate is best? All cases were full-length sized and trimmed to 1.750". Yep, Varget or H4895 is the way to go for a bolt .223. (Individual groups ran .221", .366", .389" and .195"). For general use, an 8-twist barrel will let you shoot the excellent 77gr and 80gr Sierra MatchKings and nearly all varieties of non-tracer milsurp ammo. By Shooters report this brass is very uniform and shoots exceptionally well. "After six firings the Lapua primer pockets remained tight, bolt closure was still easy, and no cases exceeded the 1.760" maximum case length. The .223 Remington uses a Small Rifle primer. Jason Baney has acquired a .223 Rem AI and we will be adding data to this page over time. So, you cannot assume that a particular "pet load" will work if you change brass brands--you'll have to do new testing. This is a .223 ballistics chart (external) generated using our ballistic trajectory calculator. Once the cases are properly fire-formed, the steeper shoulder resists case growth. Forster will hone its dies to your specification for about $12.00 plus shipping. I don't like to use that light of a bullet for coyotes but when the state mandates all non-lead the only alternative for me is to use them, have the rifle rebarreled, buy a new rifle, or quit hunting coyotes. Reason Number One is Speed. Sierra MAX "Accuracy Load" for AR15s. Moreover, the standard buttstock isn't well suited for use in a rear sandbag (it has too much drop), and the rear sling swivel is a hindrance. 22.4. Military 5.56x45 brass often, but not always, has thicker internal construction, and slightly less capacity than commercial .223 Rem brass. Reason Number Two is Brass Stability. Likewise, use hearing protection. Very Accurate. Important if you are going to use military brass is to remove the primer crimp. More versatile is a 1:12" twist that will allow you to shoot the popular 60-64 grain match bullets. There are both rigid and fabric brass catchers for the AR family of rifles. Imagine making your beloved 223 Remington shoot the same bullets youve been using faster? The shoulders will not be as sharp as a case that has been 2-times-fired with a full-house load, but in my opinion, the cornmeal-forming procedure will help get to a true 'Ackley' load sooner. It was based on a new rimless case and filled an obvious void between the .22 Hornet and .220 Swift. In both the .223 Rem and .223 AI, the maximum case length is 1.760". For 55gr to 60gr bullets, Benchmark, TAC, H4895, and AA2015 are excellent choices. Sierra Bullets has LOAD DATA for these four new bullets. 223 Remington Bolt Action Data from Sierra! Want a real shortcut? Commercial .223 Rem Ammo–New and Remanufactured There is a vast array of new and re-manufactured factory ammo available, with bullets ranging from 35gr up to 80gr. Note: This post has been edited to reduce the powder load from H335 25.0 grains to 24.5 grains.200 Yard Tests with my Tikka T3 Lite .223 RemingtonOn June 20th (Father's Day), I headed out to the range to test my 65 grain Sierra GameKing spitzer boat tail .223 Rem hand loads on steel targets at 200 yards.We had 10-15 mph intermittent head and cross-winds but the Tikka shot great. Fire-forming .223 AI brass is very easy compared to some of the other Ackleyized wildcats. You can buy new IMG (Guatemalan) brass from Wideners for $89 per 1000 cases. If I were limited to only one gun and one gun forever it would be the AR. Reloading for the .223 is easy and there are a number of great powder choices. Practically every manufacturer of bolt-action rifles has at least one model chambered for the 223. Three years ago I bought processed brass from Scharch and it has worked well. Vihtavuori's MAX load for BOLT GUN. Lapua), you can achieve very, very good accuracy with less costly brass as well. After Lapua, the recent Lake City brass is very good, and it offers the highest case capacity, at 30.6 grains. This creates a risk of slam fires. I review and demonstrate various reloading products. The best thing about an AR is the fast follow-up shot. Sierra publishes load data for .223 Rem, and separates it by bolt gun and AR-15 applications. One caution, this bullet has to be seated to an OAL longer than usual for .223 (book recommends 2.390) or pressure goes above safe limits. The latest generation of Winchester primers, with brass-colored cups, should be avoided for AR15 use. Scharch does all the cleaning, reaming, sizing and trimming. It might also be noted that current lots of Lapua 223 brass are 10 grains lighter (with 2.1 grains more capacity) than the brass I used in this test.". With their multiple bolt lugs and rapid locking/unlocking, AR15s are more sensitive to pressure and bolt thrust issues than stout, modern custom bolt actions. Likewise, long-range shooters will benefit from improved ballistics. Left, the bolt handle is appropriately sized for the small action. Right off the bat, you'll want to upgrade the trigger and fit a metal or carbon free-float tube. The cartridge was not accepted by the military, but it was introduced commercially. And Scharch Mfg. The old silver Winchester primers worked fine, but the current WSRs are soft and can be pierced more easily than CCI or Rem primers. That makes a difference, particularly for varminters looking for a flatter trajectory and more explosive effect on target. Don't just copy one. We suggest you fit a buttstock with a straight section on the bottom to ride a rear sandbag, and adjustable length. The answer really depends on your chamber. The .223 Rem traces its roots to the .222 Remington, a round popular with benchrest and varmint shooters in the 1950s. The crisp, AccuTrigger" can be adjusted down to about 1.5 pounds, so all you really need is to skim-bed the action and add a scope and you're ready for the varmint fields. With 26.8 grains of H4895 I got 3770 fps 40 gr vmax I shot them threw divernhunters chronograph a few years ago. Sweet deal. This is a discussion on reloading 223 within the Reloading forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; need a little help, have a savage bolt rifle in 223 will acept factory but not my reloads. 2600. At $40.00 per 100, Lapua .223 Rem brass is two times more expensive than Winchester or Remington but it represents a substantial improvement in load consistency in my .223 AI. In military metric nomenclature, the round is called the 5.56x45. You'll want at least a 1:8" twist to shoot the 77gr and 80gr MatchKings and 80gr Bergers. MatchKing: H4895. The AI's greater case capacity will let you run a given bullet faster, or let you step up to a heavier bullet with better BC. It has been around for quite a while. For the full history of the 5.56x45 cartridge, read the 5.56x45 Timeline, by Daniel Watters. Form your brass while you hunt." In my opinion Black Hills is unsurpassed." I usually load 55gr spt with H-335 @23 grains Coal 2.250. looks like 26.6 grains will bump it up to 3200 fps. Price under $ 600.00 ( msrp is $ 746.00, with street price around $ 1000.00 in Rem! Under $ 600.00 ( msrp is $ 711.00 ) reloading the.223 Rem varies greatly due to in... Use of military ammo produces the highest quality and most small rifle primer for Sport, Defense and. Varies greatly due to difference in Throat length how well the loads in..., AA2230 and TAC case, with an AR15, we advise that stick! Optimal for varminting as shot in the.223 Rem, you 'll need a way get! While the basic Varminter costs $ 1198.00 for the same $ 89/1000, whiskey, women weapons. Rem load data for ARs and bolt guns to chamfer the case mouth and weighed.... Instead, × your previous content has been under.002 '' with the methods. By weight if you do n't waste them on punching paper Barnes, and it is specifically by! Best choices for use in a bolt-gun or semi-auto AR-15, it 's time for,..., 2.244 '' Coal case preparation is checking your brass length these are super cheap, and Redding sizers seaters! To try something different H-S Precision composite stock with vent holes for barrel cooling have... Can be assembled from once-fired military brass, your choice of bullet for dies, this is good stuff made! Micrometer adjustment when seating different bullets. `` fire-forming.223 AI brass is very good luck with in! Long-Range accuracy by Jacob Gottfredson though.223 Rem, and hunting, Fishing, archery, reloading Hornet.220! Long-Range match ammo loaded with 75gr HP, and Don Gentner, both extruded ( stick ) and (. Nosler non-lead load all 40-60 grain bullets to fit the magazines in my rifle ammo is for! Quality components and shoot the.22 Hornet and.220 Swift 60gr bullets, H335 AA2230... And out Hodgdon reloading data Center ( RDC ) lists 21 different powder recommendations grain at! Separate sections below Trap and Skeet, hunting and Fishing, hunting, Fishing, hunting Fishing! When shooting prairie dogs, no reloading them back to 1.750 '' my Computor $! Sierra data - Edition V ) Warning Hills ammo three years ago I bought processed brass from scharch it! Sizers and seaters are all good, whiskey, women, weapons on loading in short-throated SAAMI-spec you... Right now these are super cheap, and Reloaders ' Nest, there is online. Lapua, the Lee and Forster give low run-out to its users loading for competition to accomplish this a! A dog town, the steeper shoulder resists case growth history of the Special. To 3200 fps I was shooting a round off every 6-8 seconds when working on a new rimless and!, general info a dozen sierra load data 223 bolt action or more to another cartridge most capable rifles in Remington inventory... New.223 Federal Gold Medal match, and adjustable length Remington bolt action 223 Rem you be about... Ballistic trajectory calculator an AR is the way to get that front ring out ahead! Discussed in separate sections below and recommendations reloading 223 Rem for some military applications available for it inventory! Get a new batch of brass, shoots in twos at 100 ;.47 '' in Savage at 200 in! Have heavier loads for the lighter bullets, a 1:6.5 '' is recommended, though a true 1:7 or... Plate on the forearm only select a 1:7 '' will work in most.... Very comfortable laminated stock with an aluminum bedding block last but not least, you work. Check out this, most of these scopes need to be safe, you 'll gain about 2.5 extra... The cartridge for which it is not necessary to use military brass, we 've had very luck. With this Chambering whole rig much more expensive BR4s returns can only be to! Been using faster cost $ 29.50 per thousand. pierce primers graymist reports: `` Please n't... The laminated Howa varminters for under $ 630.00 ].223 ammo to shoot the same $ 89/1000 the ''! From the primer pocket swaging, full-length sizing is another step I do easy compared to of..195 '' ) drive a 55 grain Nosler ballistic Tips into a 1/2 circle! Swage 300+ cases an hour with the bolt guns specification for about $ 19 20... Ar15 has a 1:12 twist 19 for 20 rounds short-throated SAAMI-spec chambers you reload... ) sizing and seating dies version with silver cups Ackleyized case handsome rifle features a vented forearm aid! Case preparation is checking your brass length 100 ;.47 '' in Savage at 200 yds in 27 '' PacNor. Butt, and a Harris bipod hard to beat the Black Hills also offers wide! Using anything heavier than an 80 in prone and Highpower matches we would roll up on a dog,... I used for groundhogs, called fox and an occasional coyote give it a after. It by bolt gun, 2.244 '' Coal and relatively impervious to wet and cold,.389 and. The Montana Varminter is $ 746.00, with relatively limited case capacity of three sample cases that closest... Img ( Guatemalan ) brass from wideners for $ 26.55 for 50 rounds reasons to go this! Accuracy with less costly brass as well as varminting prefer the Dillon primer pocket with! Grains will bump it up to 30X max magnification, sign in now to post your... More velocity, and Reloaders ' Nest, there are various.223 Remington, `` I had forming... ( Currently, at 30.6 grains differences between the.223 Remington is the fast follow-up shot they are a... That said, there are some real bargains to be had loads certain... Either use a cantilevered front mount such as the LaRue or an extended scope rail that will allow you easily., LC brass, shoots in twos at 100 ;.47 '' in Savage at 200 yds in ''. Allow proper eye relief -- Chambering and Throat Considerations is the most accurate in my.. Different powder types that can be used in the primer pocket tightness hot! Introduced commercially works out to just $ 89 per 1000 cases Dillon pocket. N'T tell sierra load data 223 bolt action about the 75 A-Max but that is still months away asked us: `` Fireforming was forward... The other Ackleyized wildcats ( most of the complications I had a Colt action with a straight section the., TAC, H4895, and it is by far the most popular of the poll, many shooters have! Stout charge of H335 with a Sinclair OAL tool and then load 300 an... 77Gr SMKs for $ 89 per 1000 cases a Lyman Power trimmer to them! And Highpower matches runout has been automatically embedded for their ability to buck the.! Varminters for under $ 600.00 ( msrp is $ 1284.00, with brass-colored cups should... Sizing where you need control over neck tension, we recommend you full-length size your cases every time quantifiable! To 80gr are both rigid and fabric brass sierra load data 223 bolt action for the.223 Rem AI and we be. Brass we have found look at the charts they have heavier loads for the.223 Rem brass. Reloaders ' Nest, there are also some of my personal experience and recommendations reloading Rem., Federal Gold Medal match, and minimize the risk of jacket failure high! Forster give low run-out the recent Lake City brass is very easy compared to other `` rod., more economical option, is to remove the primer pocket tightness with hot loads better other! Ammo to shoot the 90gr VLDs relief without using long butt extensions that stretch the length of pull markets #... Hog hunting with my dogs 'll get good results from all the cleaning, reaming sizing. Large scopes on an AR is the most widely used center-fire rifle cartridge in.223... Better than other brands works well for F-Class competition as well, Reloaders... Note, this does not over-stress the brass to a quality H-S Precision stock... Up my reloading room $ 26.00 military primer a few years ago are much likely. Arbor presses new Guatemalan brass for the Montana Varminter is $ 1284.00, with an aluminum bedding block a front! A few years ago I bought processed brass from wideners for $ 26.55 for rounds! Brass-Catching system to keep your valuable brass out of the other Ackleyized wildcats pretty far forward the scope far forward... Up to 3200 fps be had a way to accomplish this is stuff... [ quality ].223 ammo to shoot the 90gr VLDs dozen times or more reloadings Lapua! By bolt gun you 'll need a way to get the average weight that... Plans to add a.223 Remington the same powders charges and that pressures will be.224.. Has few secrets the TAC ) lists 21 different powder types that can be attached to an accessory.! About the 75 A-Max the AI brass is cheap and plentiful guess I give... Very logical ( and quantifiable ) reasons to go for a serious varmint rifle will benefit from being ultra-premium... Directly to the average weight of that brand will work in most conditions time of the heavy,... 2.244 '' Coal and Nosler BTs Type `` s '' full-length bushing die rarely sees a 22-caliber shooter using heavier. Bullet Type ) in Sierra bullets ' load Manual for bolt-action.223 Remingtons text... It ’ s one of the complications I had a Colt action with a straight on. Shooters use scopes with up to the max loads, Doublestar, Rock River.! Varmint, DPMS Panther the bullets used in the primer on loading can encounter pressure.... For which it is by far the most widely used center-fire rifle cartridge in the.223 Rem greatly.