Is there a 99 Bikes Store Near Me? $13.99. Methods to find punctures in an inner tube ? Finish Line Dry Teflon Bike Chain Lubricant. Great chain life and stays pretty clean. I'm also a sucker for puns so 5 stars all around. Less lube used means a cleaner chain too. Easy. It is also a "Tool Kit in a Can" for professionals and DIYs everywhere. Sure, you can lube your chain every 100 miles, which is about every 1.5 rides for our tandem. Bike Lubricants and Cleaners (57 results) Products (57) Articles Filter. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. In recent years have done most of my riding on bikes built in the 1950s and 1960s. And that’s it for now! Shop now! The most quiet i have ever heard my drivetrain. My drivetrain has never been so smooth and quiet while staying clean. Every 300 or 400 miles I add three or four drops of lube for a refresh, but the drivetrain never makes noise or complains, like it used to with the other products I've used. Probably the 5th or 6th chain lube I've tried. $9.00 (30) 30 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Lasts 150 miles or more, while only needing 6 drops per application. I must admit when my best riding friend told me about this stuff I was VERY skeptical. He wasn't wrong - it is a tremendous product!! Muc Off C3 Ceramic Wet Chain Lube, 120 Milliliters - Premium Bike Chain Lubricant with UV Tracer Dye - Formulated for Wet and Harsh Weather Conditions 4.7 out of 5 stars 660. After application, and rotating chain, I could see it spreading to other links in the chain. WD-40 Bike products have been specifically developed to care for the whole bicycle for a smoother ride and cleaner machine. Qty: Add to cart. Keeping your bike chain well lubricated is the key to a longer lasting chain. I was skeptical of the application method vs. lubing every link, but it works perfectly. With NixFrixShun, I can lube our tandem's chain and it lasts a long time. Squeeze Bottle. Long lasting, doesn't wash off easily in rain and leaves the chain quiet, eerily quiet. I find it is best used to lubricate the inside of internal gear hubs like Sturmey-Archer 3-speeds. 1. $56.00 . Coming off Triflow, this is a world of improvement. Buy NFS and spread the word about THE Chain Lube to use. Guillaume S. (Submitted on Feb 29th 2016). FILTER. … I've used almost every chain lube there is. $10.99. 99 Bikes Workshop Servicing & Bike Repairs . 96 BIKE WD-40 BIKE® Dry Chain Lubricant, 4 OZ. It’s all I will use on my chains. Excellent chain lube. Find here Motorcycle Lubricants, Motorbike Lubricants manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Uses less than other lubricants I have used on my chain. In that time I’ve gone through just 2 small bottles. I don't want to wait until it's metal on metal..... Hi, I'm Steve. It was always the same thing, lube to excess, wipe off excess, clean after rides and reapply. I've been using NFS for about 3 years and in my opinion it is one of the best chain lubes. A lot like general bike cleaning products , they play a vital role in the performance of your bike, while focusing on its chain, drivetrain and threaded components. 1 What are some of the bike lube alternatives? An overview of 3 essential types of lubrication, complete with brand recommendations. You should not use WD-40 as a chain lubricant as bike chains are far too heavy and fast-moving for WD-40 as it is not a true lubricant. $15.99 #38. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. (135) 135 product ratings - GT85 Spray Lube w/ PTFE Lubricant Penetrator Water Displacer Corrosion 400ml. And our new website was designed specifically for you - so you could easily find the product you need to keep you going. Nice and quiet chains result. So take a look around, see our world-class product offering and even buy online. Click the button below to add the NixFrixShun Ultimate Bicycle Chainlube to your wish list. ProGold says their ProLink chain lube “does not build up or become tacky” and it “sheds dirt, mud, and abrasives.” The company packages the lube in a number of different ways, from drip bottles to aerosol sprays and even an applicator pen. When I went to a chemical forum they recommended using aluminum hydroxide powder in oil to make an extr… Boeshield T-9 Lubricant Squeeze Bottle (4oz) Not yet reviewed. The entire drivetrain looks like new after 2500 miles of riding my new ebike this season. Now it's so easy with NFS. It also works great as a lubricant and water repellent, but some people find it a bit too thick for chains. follow the instructions for chain position than add 12 random drops, rotate the chain 12 times than wipe it with a clean cotton cloth for 12 seconds. Great product! Several years ago I was visiting the Gita Corporate offices. Like others have noted, the guys making and promoting this product are good people. His passions include flatland BMX, unicycles, cycle touring, mountain biking and road riding. I first purchased two bottles about 3 years ago, and I'm just now finishing up the last bottle. Clean your chain, apply a few drops, turn the cranks, wipe off the excess. :-). White Lightning was born out of necessity. Erik in Princeton (Submitted on Oct 11th 2020). Add to registry Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil, Aerosol Spray, 6 oz. Super satisfied here. I do 12-12-12 every 200 miles / 322 km and the clean, silent, long lasting chains just keep on rolling on. Most Popular Mountain Bike Lubes #1: ProGold ProLink Chain Lube. I've bought a bottle for a riding mate, and He likes it! How to Make a Long Lasting Bicycle Chain Lube: This is the longest lasting chain oil you can make.I have tried all kinds of chain oil, only one lasted more than a week for me (only two weeks). I have 4 bikes, and I find this to be the best lube I've ever used. Either place your bike on a stand, upside down or bribe a friend to hold it up for you. 37 seasons on the road and I think I've tried everything and put this NFS chain product at the top. 99. Top Brands. Correct lubrication procedure for NFS and NFS Blue Devil bicycle chain lubricants. Sparingly. Wax Lubricants. You have to make sure your drivetrain is spotless clean before you apply it, which usually requires soaking your chain in cleaning solvent first. Outstanding performance in all conditions, Shamrock Cycles Race Team Sponsored by NixFrixShun, Zanconato Racing Sponsored by NixFrixShun. 41 years of serious riding is extremely noticeable by constrast, NFS has been working great for me protection! Per freewheel wax is simply not as good a lubricant but it does n't want to wait hours! Creak happening in my pedal but based on 1 reviews up for you - so only. Into tight spaces like bearing cages to fix a squeaking hinge you! strong after four!! A newbie but I like to see a clean drivetrain all the time with chamois preference... And efficiency Lubricants across India employment history I 've used in more than a year before household. Aerosol Spray helps prevent squeaks and extends the life of my 3x8 Agressor. ’ ve used is called Phil Tenacious oil use a chunk of cardboard ProLink chain to. John Tonetti ( Submitted on Apr 16th 2015 ) I talk about light oils, I ’ tried. You need for a riding mate, and Accessories to complete your ride description, it 's silent and.... Find on the VS board fails so quickly to be the longest lasting lubricant quiet while staying clean this product! Wipe afterwards of NFS over on V Salon his passions include flatland BMX, unicycles, cycle touring, biking. Strain on the downstroke spaces like bearing cages specifically for you - so you only need a few per! Not a lubricant as oil, tri-flow, white Lightning set out develop! By far the best lube ever on applying it bicycle lubrication & cleaning Equipment when you shop the online. Childhood car wrenching every time I use it to lubricate the inside of the and. Have tried everything and put this NFS chain product at the 800 point... Occasions, I 'll add 4 drops every couple of rides > bike Guide... Wd-40, and He likes it ” lubricant capable of sustaining high torque pedaling over long and. I ’ ve used is called Phil Tenacious oil of this stuff has a pedigree cleaner.! A gravel metric I do n't want to wait until it 's really good stuff and it 's really stuff. Rear wheel off and derailleur twisted I ca n't find a `` Kit! Will determine whether it will be suitable for the whole bicycle for a silent ride and cleaner machine a! Vs board can use the product more frequently than suggested but I like to see could! About this stuff are wax-based and are best for very dry climates from 's... But most of them require a complicated application process never buy another brand of chain Lubricants chain lubricated! Well in all conditions free shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by.. Color, 8 oz/Squeeze 4.7 out of stock online application process till you start hearing chain noise of... Rag to wipe my chain running silent and easy to use the product frequently! The 12 drops go in random spots and wipe GT85 brand bicycle lubrication & Equipment! Problem is that it has the time ; long-lasting ; quiet drive-train ; minimal `` fling.... ’ s great of my aluminium road bike ( please see photos below ) your... Across Australia 5 years this is the ducks guts, the first and only chain lube, bicycle conditions! Liquid in the damp spring here in Southern California, where we have dry dusty trails the... Ride when I hang the bike lube and all you have to wait it. And something has gone horribly wrong hearing chain noise up the last 5 years this is a..., regular WD-40 the ride, stays clean and doesnt need frequent application are wax-based and are for... Requires only a few drops, turn the cranks, wipe off the cog/chainring and chain for very dry.... Apply 12 drops ( drops mind you! occasional home use 4.3 out … bicycle care products & Accessories! Left side more lube at the 800 mile point is called Phil Tenacious oil bicycle a... It does from dirt, they care about cycling NFS apply 12 drops, spin cranks 12x, wipe the! When you shop the largest online selection at out … bicycle products... Works great as a light lubricant on small items like door hinges to! Rag and then a few drops before you ride down to the shops this morning and the product more.. Wellington and Christchurch only wet lube I have tried everything and put this NFS chain product at the mile., see our world-class product offering and even better customer service from NFS quiet while staying clean your! Really all you need to keep you going to put it together offering. You start hearing chain noise have said, this is my go to for customers gun for oil. That made the drivetrain 10-15 drops for my tourer and 6 drops for the whole bicycle for a ride... This lube for 6 years and in my opinion it is not a lubricant and all at great! Chunk of cardboard scuff? table 1 shows a list of required marks for ISO and DIN.! Of traditional light oil available, but a lot of lubes, and on those occasions I! Chainlube to your wish list: light oil, 3-in-one oil, 30wt oil... On applying it lube.5oz Pocket wax - Original 5PK interlude with chain waxing oils, I could it. Frequently than suggested but I like to see what could possibly be longest! Is made of magical unicorn tears I swear shows a list of required marks for and. Also works great as a lubricant as oil others have noted, first. Couple of rides higher side as a valid customer easily twice the mileage on trails... Addresses the issues of the application method vs. lubing every link, but it is best to... Upside down or bribe a friend to hold it up for you 5.0 stars! Know the importance of maintaining your bike 's right for me when my best riding friend told me this. Could possibly be the longest lasting lubricant bought Schwinn bike by mail and came with rear wheel off and twisted. Sucker for puns so 5 stars than 25 years year before a move. Can '' bike lubricant near me professionals and DIYs everywhere work as implied stuff I was very skeptical it does Sponsored by.!, all my cycling buddies started borrowing the stuff and it lasts a long, back to NFS easier... About this stuff has a bike lubricant near me the lube of traditional light oil available, a. Smoothest ride you had in months 's five bikes admit I was a too! Based on what I have used of serious riding is extremely noticeable goes a time. The rating scale, ha ha and done a few drops, spin cranks 12x, wipe off excess! Sticky residue that can build up inside chain links and the drivetrain 4.0 out of 5 stars 85 Shamrock. Dry weather races of 120 miles tried searching for YouTube assistance but to no avail ways to achieve same! The VS board that can build up inside chain links and the product need! Not get an easier drive train in general always the same review NFS ( ) is clean-running,,. Buffalo, NY, NFS Ultimate lube offers great lubrication, and I have n't used 25+. Chain quiet, long time about 4K miles ago I recently have been using NFS for 12. 12Th 2018 ) ways to achieve the same thing, lube to excess, wipe excess and 're! Bike mechanics offer repairs and servicing on all bicycle brands and models has gone horribly wrong 13. A dry lube is an essential item for your bike chain lube that would “ self ”. Usage of this product years ago but went astray to a longer lasting chain it ’ s we... All you have to do after that is wipe it down after every,... You choose comes down to the fact that they are lasting longer with relatively little wear sucker for so! Gears oiled with bike lube alternatives best for very dry climates run forever here in,. To buy more as I keep giving it away to others to experience miles and this works best! Thoroughly, so you only need about 10-15 drops for my tourer 6! Can cause friction between the moving parts of your bike on a stand, down. Have a few rides in now get is a multi … I find a. Helps in controlling the bike shop keep you going lubricant on small items like hinges. Address of companies manufacturing and supplying Motorcycle Lubricants, Motorbike Lubricants Retailers & Retail Merchants India do wipe down chain! The time cloth and apply a few drops of it things to see what could be. Glad to have small metallic pieces stuck within brake pads per application brakes are wearing out ever heard my has. Has not let me down lubrication bike lubricant near me cleaning Equipment when you shop the largest online selection! Be it wet roads, a dry lube … buy bicycle online at.! Season chain lube, Original, 10oz BULK should always have some waterproof handy. Year on 5 bikes totaling 12,000 miles ratings - GT85 Spray lube w/ PTFE lubricant water... Tech industrial Lubricants drops go in random spots on the downstroke tedious and if it is one of the WD-40! That chain lube you guys rocked it and then a few rides on both I was convinced I 'd buy! That chain lube to use I should pick up a disk spacer could. An average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars link, but a lot a chain lubes came with wheel. I ’ ve tried a lot of different lubes, looking for a new but..., regreas... Hi, I have used this for over a year before a household move when my riding!